Why is this research being done?
The purpose of this study is to study how individuals recognize emotion from spoken speech. When we hear someone speak, not only do we understand the content of the message, we also understand the tone, speed, and emotion of the message (i.e., was it said in anger or sadness?). The goal of this study is to better understand how individuals recognize these characteristics based on the type of emotion, and the gender and age of the speaker.

Who is being asked to take part in this research study?
People from around the US will be recruited to participate in this study. In order to participate, you must have native English speakers' status (i.e., English is your primary language), and be 18 years or age or older.

What procedures will be performed for research purposes?
After signing the informed consent, you will be presented with short audio recordings that convey different emotions. Your task will be to rate each audio recording for 10 or more different emotions. If you are getting tired or bored, please take a break to stretch.

What are the possible risks, side effects, and discomforts of this research study?
There are minimal risks commensurate with working on a computer (e.g., eye strain, fatigue). You may leave the study at any time.

What are the possible benefits from taking part in this research study?
You will not receive any direct benefit for your participation in this research experiment. Your participation in the study provides a general benefit to society in that it contributes to understanding how people understand emotion from speech, and it may have applications to developing tools that can improve this skill.

Will I be paid if I participate in this research study?
Yes, commensurate with the number of trials you complete.

Who will know about my participation in this study?
Any information about your research study participation or you will be treated as confidential as hospital medical records, and you will not be identified in any publication. Your information will only be identifiable by an assigned research identification number.

Is my participation in this study voluntary?
Your participation in this research study is completely voluntary. You do not have to take part in this research study and should you change your mind, you may withdraw from the study at any time.

VOLUNTARY CONSENT: All of the above has been explained to me and all of my questions have been answered. I understand that I am encouraged to ask questions about any aspect of this research study during the course of the study and my questions can be directed to [email protected].